MBIFL 2023 | South India's Biggest Literature Festival | Edition 4

Become a host at
the Festival of Letters 

No Reservations | Open to all

No Reservations
Open to all

Here’s a chance for you to volunteer as a Host at the 4th edition of Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters. Be a vital part of a collective that amplifies the power of letters and builds the culture of constructive conversations. As a host, involve yourself in the prestigious act of setting context to discussions and introducing esteemed speakers on stage. This one-of-a-kind opportunity is for you, if you are passionate about presenting to an audience on a live stage. 

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Literally anyone who loves to present. It is a role that has no reservations with no bar on age and gender. All we look for in you is the ability to be on stage, present to an audience and host sessions.

You are applying for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a Host at one of the happening literature fests in India. You will have the privilege to set the stage for esteemed speakers from around the world before they present/engage with the audience/fellow speakers. 

Your ultimate role will be to host sessions on your respective stage for the speakers. You will have to do this across 4-days from Feb 2 – Feb 5, 2023. 

You will be responsible to start and close every session on your stage. You will also have to time-keep to ensure seamless flow of the festival with the support of venue managers. You should be introducing each speaker with their name, a brief intro, title of the session and the time-scale along with sponsorship details.

This 4-day festival starts from Feb 2, 2023 and ends in Feb 5, 2023

You will be trained and groomed by experts prior to the event along with costume suggestions. Travel allowances and food will also be provided for 4-days of the event and for the entire training/grooming period.

As a host, you will be partaking in a collective attempt to sustain and build a global culture for constructive conversations. You will also be able to develop yourself as a presenter, step into the launchpad for an exciting career opportunity and get contacts that might help you in the future. 

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