Sonnet Mondal

Sonnet Mondal writes from Kolkata & Delhi, and is the author of five books of poetry, including ‘An Afternoon in My Mind‘ (Copper Coin 2022 India/ Bite-Sized Books, UK), ‘Karmic Chanting’ (Copper Coin 2018). He has read in international literary festivals as an invited poet in over twenty countries and has been translated in over twenty languages. He directs Chair Poetry Evenings, Kolkata’s International Poetry Festival and is the managing editor of Verseville. He has been a guest editor for Words Without Borders, New York and Poetry at Sangam.

കവി, ക്യൂറേറ്റർ, എഡിറ്റർ എന്നീ നിലകളിൽ പ്രമുഖൻ. 1990 ഡിസംബർ 30 ന് ജനനം. ‘ആൻ ആഫ്റ്റർ നൂൺ ഇൻ മൈ ലൈഫ്’, ‘കാർമിക് ചാൻ്റിം​ഗ്’,’ മഷി ആൻഡ് ലൈൻ’ തുടങ്ങിയവ പ്രധാന രചനകൾ.