Pushpa Palat, prior to her career in journalism worked with British Airways in London handling VIP and CIP travellers. On her return to India she worked with British Tourism and later commenced her career as a writer, writing for all the major Indian newspapers. Apart from regular features, Pushpa, contributed several ‘Middles’ for the Times of India. Combining her experience in the travel business and her passion for writing she went on to represent a travel magazine ‘Destination Traveller’ and a Hong Kong based travel trade newspapers paper, TTG. She has also written text books on Tourism and Travel for the Travel and Tourism course of a leading Management Institute.


Expanding her writing repertoire she has, in recent years, moved on to penning content for several luxury and hospitality brands and also to writing books. Her book, just prior to this one, ‘Champ My Favourite Child’ was on the Amazon best seller list and is a favourite with school children from Mumbai’s premier schools as it is about her pet dog. Pushpa has had a long career in journalism having written for thirty years.

Raghu and Pushpa Palat, two writers of divergent genres, differing styles and unique perspectives have come together to write a story that is very dear to their heart as ‘The Case that Shook the Empire’ is about Raghu’s great grandfather, Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair. The Case that Shook the Empire’ is a historical novel that tells history as it should be told, as a story. It is a book that brings alive a tumultuous era in Indian history.