Ambassador Gurjit Singh is a former Indian diplomat with 37 years of experience. He has been the Ambassador of India to Germany, Indonesia, ASEAN, Ethiopia and the African Union besides having been in Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Italy on assignment. He has authored five books the latest of which is ‘The Harambee Factor: India-Africa Economic and Development Partnership’. Prior to that was ‘Opportunity Beckons: Adding Momentum to the Indo-German partnership’ which focused on how India and Germany can diversify and intensify their relations in a globalizing world as good partners. His book on Indonesia, ‘Masala Bumbu: Enhancing the India-Indonesia Partnership’ was well received as was his comic book Travels through ‘Time: The story of India and Indonesia’. He has also written on India’s engagement with Japan and Ethiopia. He has an abiding interest in issues of sustainable development. He speaks on and contributes to economic, developmental, and strategic issues in various journals and books. He focuses on India’s foreign policy, on Japan, ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific, on Africa and on Europe. He is an Honorary Professor of Humanities at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore. He introduced several Indian Civil Society Organisations to Africa and remains engaged with the CSO sector. He is on the Boards of CSOs, Foundations, and Schools and is associated with the social impact investment movement in India, ASEAN and Africa.