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'Mathrubhumi Book of the Year'

In order to motivate writers and publishers, ‘Mathrubhumi’ has taken a new step by instituting ‘Mathrubhumi Book of the Year’ award.The Mathrubhumi Book of the Year award is a commitment from Mathrubhumi to honour the best in Indian literature every year. The original works of fiction written in English and other works translated into English will be considered for the award. The award comprises a purse of Rs 5 lakh and a souvenir. In the words of Mathrubhumi Joint Managing Director M. V. Shreyams Kumar, “We are inspired to honour and celebrate brilliant works, and encourage the publishers to look for the best writing by Indian authors.”
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The Mathrubhumi Book of the Year 2020 Prize for the literary work is awarded annually by Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd. to the author of the best (in the opinion of the judges) eligible literary work.

Each year’s panel of judges is chosen with the advice of Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd. & Advisory Committee. The prize is administered by the company.

The judges are responsible for compiling a long-list of 16 books and from this a shortlist of 6 books from which they then choose the winner.

The winning author receives Five Lakh Rupees and a memento done by a well-known artist.

Any reference to work or “works” throughout these rules means a work or (as the case may be) works.

Works to be considered by the judges can only be submitted by the publishers identified below. The number of works a publisher can submit will depend on that publisher’s stature and number of books produced in a year:

1. submission - publishers up to 25 books per year

2. submissions - publishers with 25 to 50 books per year

3. submissions - publishers with 50 to 100 books per year

4. submissions - publishers with 100 above books per year

All submissions, call-in nominations and judges’ call-ins are made on a confidential basis as between pub-lishers and the prize, and the committee will not accept entries where the author or agent has required a publisher to make a submission.

1. Eligibility

a) Any work (print) written by an Indian citizen, originally in English or the English translation of any Indian language work, and published in India is eligible.

b) In determining whether the work is published in India, the printed price must be in Indian Rupees and there should be an authorization letter from the Publisher.

c) The work must be published in India between 1 September 2018 and 31st August 2019.

d) Every submitted work must be unified and substantial.

e) English translation of a work written originally in any other Indian language is eligible. The Original book should be published a year prior to English edition’s publishing date or in the current year.

f) Self-published works are not eligible where the author is the publisher. If the publisher is a company which has been specifically set up to publish the work in question, and/or the author is the person who owns the majority shareholding or otherwise controls the company, the work is ineligible. Works which have been published via a commercial arrangement through which the publisher is paid by the author are not eligible. Where an author or his/her agent require submission as a condition of a work’s publishing contract that work will not be eligible.

g) The author of the work must be living at the time it is submitted or called in. The work will only remain eligible for as long as its author is alive through the various stages of the prize up to the time of the an-nouncement of the winner, although this is subject to the discretion of the Award committee.

h) The decision of the Award Committee as to whether a work is eligible will be final and binding. No cor-respondence will be entertained.

i) In case of any dispute, it will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Kozhikode district.

2. Key stages of the prize

a) General

i. Completed entry forms must be received by 8th November 2019. Five copies of the printed book with a PDF soft copy of the text must be sent at the same time.

ii. At the date of publication of the work at least 1,000 copies must be available for retail in India.

iii. The Award Committee, in consultation with the chair of the judges, may reject any work that differs substantially or materially from the rules of the award.

iv. By 8th November 2019, in addition to the entry form, publishers must email to the award committee a high res image of the book jacket, a press release, author bio and photograph.

b) Call-in submissions

i. Each publisher may also provide, by 8th November 2019, a write up regarding the eligible works (AI sheet) explaining why it should be considered.

ii. An imprint that only publishes one high quality work a year may provide a justification for that work as long as it is otherwise eligible.

iii. The justification in each case must not exceed 250 words – excluding, if appended, a brief ex-tract – and must be written and signed by the author’s commissioning editor.

iv. The judges may also call in any work published between 1 September 2018 and 31st August 2019, even if that work has not been submitted or nominated for call in by a publisher. If the publisher agrees that the work is to be considered, then the publisher must sign an undertak-ing to the effect that the publisher will comply with all the rules of the prize. The work will not be further considered without this signed undertaking.

ii. where the work concerned was published before the announcement of the longlist and when submitted, or called in, have no fewer than 1,000 print copies available for retail sale in India.

3. Marketing and expectations

a) It is a strict condition of entry that publishers agree to make it a priority to ensure that authors whose works are submitted or called in make themselves available for publicity and events from longlist stage on and that if shortlisted, authors will attend the award ceremony. If there is any problem over the author’s availability, Award committee must be informed immediately.

b) The print copies that are required as part of the submissions process or as call-ins will not be returned to the publishers.

Note: Books & entry forms must be sent only to:

Mathrubhumi Book of the Year Award
Mathrubhumi office, Mathrubhumi Road,
Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram
Kerala — 695035

Phone: 04712461071
Email: mboty@mbifl.com

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