MBIFL 2020 MBIFL 2020



Curtain Raiser

Curtain Raiser A session in commemoration of legendary writer and novelist CV Raman Pillai on the occasion of 100th year of his historical novel Ramaraja Bahadur.

A unique programme giving poetry lovers an opportunity to hear a poem read aloud with its rhythmic, melodic, and alliterative qualities; preserving these uniquely valuable voices for future generations.

Hour long sessions by an expert on a selected topic.

Collection of animation films based on famous short stories curated by Hari Sivadasan.

This is a session where a maximum of 4 writers express and discuss why they read and why they write. A take on the reasons, thrills and joys of reading and writing.

With the qualities of serenity and tranquility, the morning ragas played at MBIFL20 will provide a soothing effect to put one in a serene mood for the rest of the day.

Amagazine for the youth, by the youth, curated by Mathrubhumi.