The festival brings ‘unheard voices’ from ‘known lands’

The second edition of Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters ( will be held from Jan 31-Feb 3, 2019 at Kanakakkunnu Palace in the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, with over 300 speakers from all across the world.

Held under the theme “Known Lands; Unheard Voices”, the festival will have a strong field of speakers from Europe, the US, West Indies, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

MBIFL ’19 will have a large contingent of close to 50 foreign speakers who include poets, novelists, academics, graphic novelists, filmmakers and journalists. There are over 100 speakers from Kerala in addition to the leading Indian writers in English and other languages.

The keynote speakers of the festival include Dr Shashi Tharoor and Prof Germaine Greer while award-winning Iraqi novelist Shahad Al Rawi and journalist and author Joumana Haddad, one of the ‘100 powerful Arab women’ and well-known Sri Lankan writer Shyam Selvadurai are part of the eclectic list of speakers.

Even though the festival strives to create a platform for discourses and a confluence of minds, the underlining aspect of the festival is literature and its various forms, and the voices that have not been heard here before.

Celebrated as the greatest literary fest in South India, Mathrubhumi International Festival of Letters is an event where one can experience a disparate flavour of literature in Kerala.

The first edition of the festival in 2018, provided a platform for the literary minds from different parts of the world to meet by bringing together more than 150 international and Indian writers, speakers, and performers.

The highlights of the festival are high-profile conversations, reading and storytelling sessions, impromptu performances, workshops and also an exploration of traditional Kerala cuisine.

The festival will host numerous sessions devoted to divergent topics, trends, ideas and genres ranging from fiction, poetry, non-fiction, politics, environment, travel and cinema.

The festival also has cultural programmes in the evenings by leading performers.

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our speakers

When a brand like Mathrubhumi is conducting such a literary festival, I’m so happy.
-Shashi Tharoor

Books are like roses, they have scent. Literary festivals are cultural exchanges. It is an occasion to see and know new and old authors.
-T Padmanabhan

It is high time that Mathrubhumi conducted such an event. It should have been organised earlier itself. Literary festivals are always a celebration.

A collective of the writers and readers who are very active in the society is indeed a huge intervention in the social set-up. It will create a parallel society.
-R. Unni

Festivals of letters reflect the ethos of Malayalis. The culturally-rich Malayalis make all these festivals a celebration. Malayalis love books, letters, literature, writers and turn all these into a celebration.
– Sara Joseph

The festival of letters gives an opportunity to the foreign and native writers to interact with each other and to understand their literature in depth.
– Santhosh Echikkanam



T.Padmanabhan in MBIFL 2018

Mukhamukam. MBIFL 2018 അക്ഷരോത്സവത്തിൽ സാഹിത്യകാരൻ ടി.പത്മനാഭനുമായി മുഖാമുഖം #MBIFL2018

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